Finding the Right Removalists


Moving house is never a fun experience, as the old house is normally in chaos in the days leading up to the move, and things don’t tend to get too much better when you arrive at the new one. People tend to underestimate exactly how much stuff they actually have, and only really realise the truth when it comes time to pack it up, and then find it and unpack it again. Very few people who have tried moving house on their own will ever want to go through the same experience again, as only part of the way through the move, they begin to appreciate that it is far harder than they thought when they decided they could pull it off. To make things go as smoothly as is possible, in difficult circumstances, using a removalists company is probably about the smartest decision you can make, but then again, not all removalists are truly professional, so here is some advice on things to think about when choosing the one for your move.

Size and Experience

Naturally, a larger company has more expenses to cover, given the large size of its operation, and while the industry is very competitive, it might be tempting to go with a fairly new, small operation offering a slightly cheaper price, which could be the first mistake. An operation with only one or two vehicles could leave you with a serious problem, if they have a breakdown or an accident, especially if you are supposed to be out at a certain given time. Experience in removals really counts for a lot, who have seen and moved everything. Remember, you are going to be trusting the removalists with all of your possessions, and an established company will have staff who have been doing the job for years, as opposed to someone maybe hiring some casual labour.

Insurance and Storage

Always ask to see a copy of the removalists insurance, especially if you have any fragile or expensive objects being moved. Another aspect to consider, especially if you have a period between the date you move out of the old house and into the new, is the storage factor. A good company, such as Mooval will have a significant amount of high quality storage available for whatever period is required, with an environment that will keep your belongings in perfect condition, which a smaller firm may not have to the same levels of quality.

Service and Testimonials

From the moment of the first enquiry, you should be looking for a warm and friendly response, ready to take whatever time is necessary to determine your precise requirements. Ask about their packaging and labelling options, as one of the biggest problems upon arrival at the new house, is staring at a stack of plain looking boxes, with no idea what is inside any of them, which leads to much stress and extra time and work getting things to the right place. When everything has been professionally labelled, the task will become much simpler and swifter. Lastly, the reception area of a good firm will have on display a number of customer testimonials. Be sure to take time to read some of them, paying attention to the dates, as it is recent service that is of most importance.

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